Navidrome no scrobble only currently playing

Issue description:

Im at friends place and stream cached music to their sonos device. Was checking and saw that nothing has scrobbled in that time.


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    debug.log.txt (5,5 MB)


Additional information:

Hum seems there’s an issue with gapless will try to figure out.

So actually this may be related to the receiver MediaDuration=NOT_IMPLEMENTED I’ll add more logs and stuff in next release to debug this, but can’t figure out the issue from the current logs. Resume points are sets and not playcount as if the media are not finished.

If you’ll never get back there I’ll close this for now :slight_smile:

Is there a free beta slot? Maybe wolud be good to fix it before the next release is dropped

Google says there’s room yes.

In all cases this is not really a major issue.

@sebmuc99 the version is in prod. Would need new logs.

Can do that in january, actually can not access logs

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