Native Tidal Support

Feature description:

Haveing native Tidal support under the media providers. Just like how you have plex.

This way for people who pay for tidal to either experience new songs or just want to listen to higher quality songs that don’t need to be stored by the user they don’t have to download more apps that have the same purpose to listen to music the way you want to.

Problem solved:

There’s not a problem per say, but thus would allow users to connect to more then just servers they host themselves. Being able to connect to other providers so we can have one app to rule them all that is liked by everyone. Rather then having to deal with all these companies trying to implement there own think they think people like but in reality don’t.

Brought benefits:

One big benefit is the allowance of being able to use a provider that isn’t hosted by the user. It would be a new stable connection for people that pay for the service to experience new songs or songs they like in a better quality then what they can currently store at home…

Other application solutions:

Being a plex user this is comming from plex. Once you have a tidal subscription you can use there music database to listen to brand new songs that release day of. Or experience you didn’t know existed from that artist as most public database like MusicBrainz, doesn’t have most new music tracks that artists arnt adding them selfs.

Additional description and context:

Being able to login to tidle within the media management tab to be able to acces the music users pay for under one app.

Screenshots / Mockup:


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Duplicate of a few, this is the opposite of the target of Symfonium.