My last played song is not sync in realtime with jellyfin

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Hello all
i played my songs from synfonium on androit but on my pc i use jellyfin player
but when i listen music from my pc with jellyfin, synfonium not get the last songs played
i think that synfonium sync the musics played from android to the server but not from the server to synfonium i’m right ?
or there is an option to enable ?
thank you :slight_smile:


Upload description: no need logs :slight_smile:

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Just press the sync button to merge the data and get the last one.

There’s no differential API in Jellyfin to allow to know what was played and only sync that.

oh ok thanks !
how many time between auto sync from jellyfin provider is made ? :slight_smile:

There’s only auto sync when your medias actually change, not when the playcount changes as it can’t be detected properly.