Music tracks parsed through VPN on mobile data, but doesn't play

Issue description:

You responded to my question on the subreddit but I’ll paste the issue here as well for reference.

"Not sure if it’s an error or something I messed up.

So I’ve recently been trying to store all my media files on my computer, and access them on my phone. I have a VPN using Tailscale that allows me to be on the same network as my home computer even when I’m out and using mobile data.

I was able to find and add my smb shared folder on Symfonium while using the VPN on mobile data. It parsed all the files correctly and showed them in my library. However none of the songs play. Is it not possible to stream them like this or is there some issue?

I don’t want to install any server software on my PC which is what drove me to Symfonium, and I can try to recreate the issue if I need to provide logs. But in case it’s not going to work that way, I’d love an answer. (I also ensured my other apps were able to stream music and videos with the same network setup) Thanks in advance!

UPDATE: I installed Symfonium on my wifi only tablet and was able to not only add the SMB over VPN when connected to my phone’s hotspot on mobile data, but also was able to play the songs. I checked all the settings to disable any wifi only options but my phone doesn’t play the files that my tab can. Does my phone need some wifi connection in order to stream the files?"


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Reproduction steps:

Fresh install of the app.
I started debug mode.
On mobile data, with my phone connected to my VPN I added a media source.
The source is my SMB shared folder on my home computer.
After adding the source, I edited the settings to disable wifi only option. The clicked on sync.
The app found the tracks in the folder and indexed them properly. It shows my the album, artist, and album art correctly.
When I try to play any track, it doesn’t play. After a few seconds if shows an error message.

Media provider:





failed to connect to /fe80::f0cd:31ff:fe5a:6c36 (port 34699) from /:: (port 0) after 30000ms: connect failed: EINVAL (Invalid argument)

Your phone seems to be given an IPv6 ip so Symfonium expose the webserver on it, but then the same phone don’t know how to connect to that IP and seems to indicate it does not have IPV6.

That’s quite strange.

Is there anything I should change on my end?
I’m a bit confused because as soon as it connects to any wifi network, even a random hotspot it starts playing. Just isn’t able to stream over mobile data.

Check your VPN settings, in case there’s some specifics to allow loopback connection on that IPv6 IP.

I can add a workaround in a future version, but there’s something odd here with your network.

Okay! Thanks for the suggestion. I’ll dig into the VPN settings to see if I can figure out something I can do. I’m not super savvy with networking and have only been trying things in recent times, so I appreciate the help.
And that would be amazing if you could add a workaround in the future!! It would be the perfect app for how I intend to use my music!!
Oh, also kudos for the quick responses and help! :slight_smile: