Multiple albums with the same name are grouped into one

I have multiple albums called “Greatest Hits” by different artists.
Symphonium has combined all of these albums into one big mega-album, which means there is only one “Greatest Hits” album in my album list. Also, all songs from any of these albums have Gorillaz artwork (first alphabetically), even though they each have their own individual embedded artworks.

Please make it so albums are grouped by “Album” and “Album Artist” tags. Not just “Album” tags. Thanks

Each “Greatest Hits” album should have a different “Album Artist”, for them to appear as unique albums. Have you confirmed it?

Please provide the necessary logs and details …

Symfonium support many different providers and for local devices 3 different config and well you do not give at least that :wink:

Here you go… (582 Bytes)

I’m using the Symphonium (Files - SAF) scanner mode
All my files are FLACs, stored on the local device.
No other providers.

Yes, confirmed:

The log is empty, I need one during sync (preferably after clearing the tags).

Are the files in the same folder? Can you provide both those files so I can check what the tag scanner see?

Apologies. Here’s a log after clear and sync (224.3 KB)

Each album has all of its tracks in its own folder, e.g.
/storage/F4CC-6B3B/Music/Gorillaz/Greatest Hits/1-01 Superfast Jellyfish.flac

/storage/F4CC-6B3B/Music/Red Hot Chili Peppers/Greatest Hits/1-01 Under the Bridge.flac

How do you propose I send these music files to you?

Depending on the size you can upload them here via PM or on one of the many website for upload.

From the logs I do see that Symfonium add 2 “Greatest Hits” albums. So be sure to upload 2 songs that ends up in the same album and not in the 2 differents.

Thanks for the files will be fixed in next release. A field was missing in the key generator and only MB ids where used.

Fixed with latest update. Thanks

Thanks for implementing this, I’ve installed the update today, and now everything looks as expected.