Multiple Albums Artists

Issue description:

I recently started building my self-hosted music library, as I used just MusicBee before. I fell in love with Symfonium, as it’s well-designed, robust and fast. There are however, some things I do not know how to change (if it’s even possible). I searched some threads, but did not find definitive answer.

I’m using Jellyfin server, because it can handle multiple, clickable artists. However, there are CDs with multiple Album Artists tags - e.g. “KAYTRAMINÉ\Aminé\KAYTRANADA”. I would like to maintain that tagging order in Symfonium, but:

  1. On all albums view it shows only “Aminé”, first alphabetically - I would like to have all the artists shown on all albums view, preferably in tagging order - or at least the first one from tags.
  2. On album view, I can see all the Album Artists, but also alphabetically - I would love having it “as tagged”.

On PC, I am currently trying Sonicxd and rebuilt version of it - Feishin. Sonicxd handled Album Artists the same as Symfonium, but Feishin can show all of them (however, still alphabetticaly) - is it a problem with Jellyfin Server, my tags or something else? Can I, by any chance fix at least sorting order with additionals tags or settings?

This is a limitation of Jellyfin, Symfonium display what Jellyfin returns as album artist and as artist.

You are not clear where you want the data so it’s hard to tell more about what you mean by all.

Oh, so that’s Jellyfin problem, thanks for fast reply.

About the data I want:

In All Albums view we can see only “Aminé”, not “KAYTRAMINÉ, Aminé, KAYTRANADA” (or, as only alphabetical order is supported - “Aminé, KAYTRAMINÉ, KAYTRANADA”):

Feishin player on PC has the expected behaviour - it displays all the artists. Symfonium reads all Album Artists without any problem, as when I click album - they’re there.

Having only one artist on All Albums page may be misleading.

Symfonium display the value that Jellyfin returns as AlbumArtist. This is different than the actual artist list.

Logs during sync would confirm what Jellyfin returns. This value when present is preferred instead of rebuilding the list from the artist list as it can contains different separator or some special name that the user want displayed.

Jellyfin should return a proper value in that field if you expect all the artist to be seen.

Ok so after checking the source code of Jellyfin and Emby they do not support any custom value for AlbumArtist and just return the first artist.

Starting with next version I’ll rebuild the displayed value from the actual artist list. Unfortunately nothing I can do about the order they send it sorted.