Multi device linking | Handoff

Feature description:

Is it possible to hand off “current playing” to another device running Symfonium on the same network.

Problem solved:

For example, if I start music playing on an android tablet (which is casting to a chromecast audio) and the kids run away with the tablet, can I continue where I left off with music control with Symphonium on my android phone?

Brought benefits:

Seamless multi user control in a home environment

Other application solutions:

Not a fair comparison, but kind of like what youtube music is able to do with google ecosystem.

Additional description and context:

Using Emby as a server in my example, I am able to perform some of the desired hand off functions of stop/pause/skip from a differing device that is able to control Emby. But I would have to kill everything off and start over for the full Symfonium experience/capabilities.

Duplicate and not possible, this would not work for many cases as it would require a server.