Multi-artist songs causing issues when shuffling an Artist

Issue description:

I will upload a video with the title of this thread as the description, showing the following.

  1. Shuffle an Artist from Artist Details page.

2a. If the first song in the resulting queue is not a mult-artist track, behaviour is as expected.

2b. If the first song in the resulting queue is a multi-artist track it will do the following
-Follow the chosen song in the queue with all other songs by the same combination of artists, in a row.
-At the end of the other songs by the same combination, the first queued song will be repeated in the queue, at the expense of another one of the artist’s songs that should be there. (i.e. there is the same total amount of songs in the queue whether option 2a. or 2b. occurs.) It seems like the same song is replaced for each respective chosen first multi-artist song. (i.e. The same chosen song in scenario 2b. will replace the same song when it is repeated in the queue.)
-Songs will be grouped by multi-artist combination throughout the queue.

To illustrate this, here is an example of how the queue might look in scenario 2b:
Song1 by Arist X+Y
Song2 by Artist X+Y
Song1 by Artist X+Y (repeat, at expense of another song)
Song2 by Arist X
Song3 by Arist X
Song4 by Arist X
Song1 by Arist X+Z
Song2 by Arist X+Z
Song1 by Artist X+Q
Song1 by Artist X+P

The order in which the Artist combinations appear are seemingly in random order, but will always be grouped together. (i.e. Artist X+Z may appear after Artist X+P). It also seems like the different multi-artists will tend to be in a row, in one or two groups). This last phenomenon also happens in scenario 2a. (if the shuffle chooses a single artist track as the first in the queue).

Another issue is that the multi-artist tracks seem to be chosen disproportionately often as the first track in a shuffle, even if there are comparitively few. This can be seen in the video, where the same track keeps being chosen when the shuffle button is pressed repeatedly.

Personally I would prefer an option to enable truly random shuffle from the shuffle buttons, which would also perhaps help avoid problems. However, I know that is not the point of this thread.


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This is not possible unless you have that song multiple times in your library.

This selection is actually fully random, proving that no a truly random shuffle would not solve anything and would frequently trigger something worse.

Anyway the issue here is that the wrong shuffle is applied and that it was broken when I tried to improve that use case. Don’t know how it passed my tests :frowning:

Will be fixed.

I can promise you that it is indeed happening. Check the video and logs. I only have the song once in my library. I will take another video to show you if you’d like