More drill down options for Moods, Years, Languages, Labels

Feature description:

Currently, when using the library shortcuts for:

  • Moods
  • Years
  • Languages
  • Record Labels

You get a list of associated albums, and that’s the only way you can browse for music from those shortcuts.

I would like to request the ability to have more browsing options that are already available in other shortcuts like: Genres, Composers where you get a list of associated Artists, Albums and Tracks.

Problem solved:

When I select a mood/year/language/label I would like to keep drilling down by selecting a given artist or track.

Brought benefits:

More drill down options when navigating my library using mood/year/language/label values.

Other application solutions:

None that I’m aware of.

Additional description and context:

These browsing options are already implemented in Genres, Composers, Album Artists, Artists. Also, when you browse an artist you also get some extra actions like shuffles and mixes that could also be useful for mood/year/language/label values.

That’s the role of Smart Filters, there’s infinite combination of needs and it’s there for that.

There’s huge performance impacts and UX issue to handle more cases.

I understand if it’s not feasible to implement, but I disagree this can be accomplished with smart filters.

As you mentioned, there are infinite combinations, which means I would end up with infinite smart filters. In other words, to be able to drill down years I would need to create one smart filter per year, and in my large collection I have music starting from the 50s; the same for moods/labels/languages.

Could be possible at least to have a “show all tracks” option in the Album List view?

You are supposed to have a couple of smart filters that you edit, it’s 2 click to select another year or mood, nearly as fast as browsing but much more powerful as you can combine things.

And no I can’t have a show all tracks there.

Ok, if smart filters is the way to go, can I request to add mood/year/language/label fields to the artist filter options?

Yes I’ll add them, but remember that smart filters does not goes down during the navigation.

Yep, that’s fine, it will cover most of the cases, thanks.