"More actions" menu for songs in "Up Next" screen

Feature description:

Please add a way to access the “more actions” menu for any song in the queue, not just the currently playing one. Right now the three dots menu only includes “Play next” and “Remove”. The menu items could be either added to the existing menu (below a horizontal bar), or added to a submenu (if feasible).

Problem solved:

I often find myself in the Next Up / queue screen, trying to like a song that is further down the queue, or go to it’s artist/album. All of these options are available from the Now Playing screen (three dots menu), but in order to use that, the song has to be playing. I don’t see a reason why most these actions shouldn’t be available for any song in the queue (except for the first 5 actions including playback speed, skip silence, sleep timer, etc. Instant mix should be included though).

Brought benefits:

Allows the user to perform the same actions on songs, regardless if they are scrolling through their library or the queue. Makes the queue more useful, as all songs can be properly interacted with.

Other application solutions:

Youtube Music let’s the user do exactly this. Most importantly, the user can go to artists/album and like the song:

I think Finamp also works this way. Same for SoundCloud.

Additional description and context:

Long-pressing a song in the queue should also open the menu, this currently doesn’t work, not even for the play next / remove actions. Right now, long pressing simply does nothing…

Screenshots / Mockup:

Add these options:

To this menu:

Hope this isn’t too complicated! :slight_smile:

Well it is actually complicated :slight_smile:

The songs in the queue are not yet fully resolved they can also be from file mode and not in the library.

That’s how the app can also have a queue of 50k songs without lagging unlike most other apps that don’t have the queue managed on the server side like YouTube.

So I can offer a more actions button that would start the resolution then show the bottom sheet. But can’t include the menu actions directly here without delays and generating missclicks.

In that case I’d appreciate the “more actions” button. Or maybe it could be a collapsed panel that you can toggle, not sure if that would fit better than a submenu.

Just wanted to let you know the new action/menu works wonderfully! Thanks a ton.

Is there a reason why you didn’t add the long press action to do the same as clicking the three dots? Is there a conflict with the drag handles or something? Or did you simply forget, busy as you are? ^^