Minimserver UPnP playback

Feature description:

I would like to know if its possible to play music from Minimserver? I have it running in docker on a synology NAS on local network.

Enjoying the app and this would be the icing on the cake to liberate me from BubbleUPnP!

Problem solved:

the highly customisable playback of network stored music

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the highly customisable playback of network stored music

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Do yourself a favor and move away from UPnP and install LMS GitHub - epoupon/lms: Lightweight Music Server. Access your self-hosted music using a web interface.

You can run it in 2 seconds in a container on your Synology and will find it’s much better.

Anyway this is a duplicate there’s no plans to support UPnP as a server as it’s just the worst possible protocol and does not fit the needs for Symfonium.

Hi Tolriq,

Thanks for the super quick reply and suggestion.

I have a couple of questions

Does LMS allow the customisation of presentation of your music library that MinimServer does?

Do you know if LMS works with Moode player?


I don’t know just try :slight_smile: