Mini pop out window/overlay

Feature description:

A mini pop out window that would stay on screen as youre doing other things on your phone. In my case, i would use it to keep lyrics on screen as im browsing etc. But can be useful in general as well.

Problem solved:

Ability to always see lyrics at a glance.
Ability to have quick access and view of your music while browsing or gaming.

Brought benefits:

It could have many benefits. Other than the lyrics case, it can also be very useful for example when youre playing a time sensitive game that you cant really pause or push to the background. Having a mini window that you can place anywhere on the screen would allow very quick access to all things music that you would need all while not losing track of your game or anything else you might be doing.

Other application solutions:

I guess a good example would be google maps navigation. It gives you a mini window if you minimize the app while navigating.

PIP is designed for video and a few specific use case, but could not really cover most needs for music.

Symfonium support split mode that should work for your need no?

Yea it’s great for video, but could be very nice for lyrics as well. Especially timed lyrics. And just basic controls.

Split screen is not really the solution here because I need the other apps to be in fullscreen.

But now that you mention that, I realised my phone has a built-in Pop-out window feature! But for some reason it doesn’t work with Symfonium. When I pop out the Symfonium app, It freezes the app UI. It’s still playing music and all but the pop-out windows is not responding to my touches. This doesn’t happen with any other app I tried. This could be good enough for my needs if it worked. Although it would still be nice if you could make something dedicated within the app with a simplified UI in the mini mode. Google maps does this very well and automatically shows you a mini view with a simplified UI of just what you need to see when you minimize the app. You could incorporate something like that and allow users to turn it on or off if they don’t want it to automatically go into mini mode.

Here’s a recording of the pop-out window not working for Symfonium, I can resize it but app itself is not responsive:

Open an issue with logs then :slight_smile:

Will do regarding that bug once i get home.

But what do you think about the feature request? Could be really cool.

PIP does not allow controls or anything the only possible usage would be for synchronized lyrics. That’s quite limited usage.

Hmm you’re right, if it doesn’t allow any sort of control then it would only be useful for viewing synced lyrics. Or I guess to display album art and track progress/info etc. Which is still cool but I understand if it is not something you’d want to spend time on.

Regardless, Hopefully I can get the pop-out window feature working. Ive already created a separate post about that with logs.