#METADATA_KEY_ALBUM_ART field to metadata builder

Feature description:

A bit of a strange request from me. But I was recently using an app that needed the #METADATA_KEY_ALBUM_ART field and noticed that Symfonium didn’t have that, so could that field be added?

Problem solved:

It would solve problems with any app that needs that field. For example the one in the GitHub issue


Brought benefits:

I mean, I think an extra bit of metadata apps could use is always nice :person_shrugging:

Other application solutions:

If other applications have solved this, please describe their solution (If it fits your needs, else explain why their solution is not perfect)
I know that YT Music and Spotify both have this field

Answered there but that field is optional since I provide the ART one that is more generic. Apps can’t provide both due to size limits on bundle.

With that said I can probably move to that one since unlike Yatse I only play music here.

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