Mediasession notification buttons

When I’m not in the app I usually use the notification button to control my play session. I think this could be streamlined a bit to make it at least a bit more useful, especially for quick termination of the app. Here’s a show-not-tell with a condensed and expanded notification:

Side request: Poweramp uses TileService and I find myself using it a lot to start up the app and resume whatever I was previously listening to.

1 tap toggles playback, press-and-hold goes straight to now playing.

It’s not a huge deal but something to consider

Killing apps on Android is wrong and discouraged pattern it actually use more battery to restart the app if the OS would have not request the stop itself.

Press stop or pause will do the same.

For the title it’s irrelevant in current context since the state is not keep as discussed on many threads.
So either nothing to play or the media session is here and pressing play on notif does the same.

If I add an option to keep state on kill then I’ll consider the title.

I worded it poorly. It’s not that I want the app to be killed but the notification to disappear. So basically,
Pause, Next Track, Stop-and-make-notification-disappear (and the “x” button imho best describes this activity)

The notification does disappear on stop. What you are seeing is probably Android 11 media session, that one is trickier as there’s still unknown cases where it stays or reappear.
If you can provide logs where it stays after stop with video maybe I’ll see something for your device.

I’m running Android 12 and it’s kind of hit or miss for me. Sometimes it’ll disappear after a few seconds. I’ll see if I can capture something.

re: above I think what I’m asking for is basically having the “select active buttons” for “compact now playing buttons” extend to the mediasession notification.