Media widget for Android Auto

Feature description:

Android Auto supports showing a media widget on screen when other apps is taking the main area of the screen (for example, navigation).

Problem solved:

It would be good to be able to see the music currently playing on the screen any time.

Brought benefits:

It makes the app on par with many other media apps that do support media widget.

Other application solutions:

For example, BlackPlayer has this media widget. It shows control buttons on it, but briefly displays the track information when switch track.

It’s already the case unless you disable the media session in the advanced settings.

Edit: You probably have migrated to Coolwalk and the interface is updated for modern apps.

Thanks for your reply. It’s weird. Previously when I was using BlackPlayer it just worked. I’ll have a closer look into the settings and see what needs to be enabled.

It does just work unless you disable something in the settings.

But Google have updated Android Auto UI recently to Coolwalk so what you are looking for is probably just no more here and different.