Media Provider won't update if it primary connection isn't accessible

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I have a Navidrome provider that is accessible on my local network (port 4533) and remotely via a subdomain (port 443). I’m currently out of my home, so the local connection is not available, but the remote connection is. The remote connection is currently set as the secondary connection.

I can’t update the Media provider. If I try to change any setting, such as the name, or the connection type (from HTTP to HTTPS), and then I hit update, it doesn’t update (also, there is no visible error message). Is that intentional?

Also, I’m unsure why the secondary connection is not functioning - I get “No playable media” errors. I set up another provider with only the remote connection and it works fine. Why isn’t the secondary connection being utilized when the primary is unavailable? Could it have something to do with the HTTP/HTTPS connection type? I see that “Connection Type” is only available when there is a secondary connection, so I assume that that setting applies to the secondary connection - is that correct? I’m curious why that setting isn’t showing for the primary connection.



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Apologies if the logs are voluminous. You probably only need to look at the most recent entries from today.

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The connection type for the primary connection is auto detected on save, hence why it currently needs to be connected.

For the switch between primary and secondary it does not constantly try to switch as it’s not efficient and would kill battery.

It tries when connection drop, then you can force the switch by pressing the refresh button in any of the card that says that the provider is offline.

Edit: Next version will have a cheat mode, click 3 times on the top header, then you can save without the checks for Navidrome and Subsonic providers.

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Thank you! That’s helpful.