Media Cache Issues

Issue description:

Image file are uncached after a few plays


debug.log (15.8 MB)


Additional information:

Android 11

Symfonium never delete the images from the cache unless you use the clear image cache.

Well this time after I setup it’s work fine
How should I validate and should I produce a log report

Symfonium never deletes the image cache so the log will never show what outside the app that delete them.

Use the Persistent image cache option and check the linked for your device.

If it still happen you need to check the application on your device that does that.

If both Android/data/ and Android/data/ contain files.

It works right?

You are hard to follow you know.

Your issue is that the files stop working after a while. So the fact that the files are here at time X does not make them at time Y if that’s your issue.

If you have images in Symfonium then it works yes.

It was not working by the time I posted.
But after I posted I saw do not kill my app in advanced settings and clicked on it then I follow all the steps to auto start symfonium and enable running under high battery usage

That thing help me realize why symfonium and all my other customization tools keep getting killed