Make play button always shuffle?

Issue description:

Wondering if there’s any way to make the play button shuffle instead? I understand I can make it remember my shuffle preference, however when I click play on a different playlist on the main dashboard, it will always start with song 1 in the list instead of immediately shuffling.

There’s shuffle buttons nearly everywhere why and where do you want that?

Ideally I’d like to be able to replace this button, since I usually play off a playlist and press that. It seems minor but it’s incredibly off-putting when you press it and it always plays the first song on the playlist, and THEN starts to shuffle. Totally understand if you find it a waste of time to develop such a change though.

I won’t add an option to toggle this, but I might again look at the shuffle start first issue.

There’s a few cases when shuffle is enabled we want to control the first song (like when clicking on a specific song) but for that play button if you enable keep shuffle and shuffle is on, it should start a random song too. If the change is not too deep I’ll try to fix.

Ok so next release will have some shuffle on the first song when keep shuffle state and previously shuffled.

But playlists are special case so the first song will only be shuffled in the 50 first songs.
For real shuffle you should either click the playlist then press the shuffle or long press the playlist and drop on the shuffle icon.

Awesome, the long press shuffle is a suitable workaround for the moment, I didn’t know you could do that