Make bottom buttons semi-transparent

As above really. Think its been mentioned before, but to me it would look a bit better if the bottom buttons (two rows) could be a bit transparent to show items appearing underneath. It look quite good using Emby on a phone.

I know its a nitpick but everything else is so good…

Screenshot? I have no idea what you are talking about.

Just that the buttons at the bottom of Emby are somewhat transparent and the ones at the bottom of Symfonium are solid -

Ok those buttons, there’s not 2 rows :stuck_out_tongue: the 2nd row is your phone navigation bar and many use the gesture one.

Anyway sorry but no. This is not compatible with Material you themes and honestly the fake glass effect does not really look good.
Not talking about how ugly it will look with the player bar visible when you are playing something.

Hokey dokey. Fair enough.