M3U/PLS import from local device

Feature description:

Have the ability to scan the local device for playlist files and import them as playlists.

Problem solved:

I have mp3 files and dozens of playlists stored in a folder and I use the local device provider to import the media; however, only mp3 files are added to the library; playlist files are ignored.

Brought benefits:

It is hard to speak for all users, but I would think that a lot of people using the local device to import music also have playlists associated with those audio files. Instead of manually creating each playlist this feature will do it for us.

Other application solutions:

There are multiple music apps that already support playlist import like GoneMad, PlayerPro, BlackPlayer, Musicolet, etc.

Additional description and context:

In my case all my playlists use relative paths so other apps process my playlists with no issues; I suppose that if the path of the track in a playlist cannot be resolved, it can be ignored and move on to the next track.

My personal preference is m3u files, since all my playlists are in this format, but if this app decides to support pls I guess I could use some kind of third party tool to convert them.

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I would like to promote this feature request. This would make Symfonium a full fledged player for locally stored music as well.