M3u playllists not visible on Synology DLNA

Issue description:

m3u playllists not visible on Synology DLNA

These playlists ARE visible on other apps such as BubbleUPnP and WiiM


Upload description: None uploaded under “mellonium” username

Additional information:

First and second screenshots show empty playlist

Third screenshot shows that BubbleUPnP for DLNA/Chromecast Android app does see the playlists

Fourth screenshot shows that WiiM Android app also sees the playlists

Reproduction steps:


Media provider:

Local device




Symfonium does not support Dlna server so you are comparing apples and oranges here.

Navigate to your Playlists actual location and import them as the doc page explains.

Interesting…this stuff is complicated for the end user…I can see why Apple ecosystem is successful, although I am not part of it for many reasons.

My m3u format is this:

Classical New Age Piano Music - Canon In D Pachelbel.mp3
Geek Music - Interstellar Theme (4 min version) (Hans Zimmer Cover).mp3
George Winston - Carol of the Bells.mp3
George Winston - Thanksgiving.mp3
Hania Rani - Eden.mp3

But Symphonium does not recognize this format when trying to import

Using this dialog

Then provide logs for that operation and be sure there’s those files in the same folder as the playlist.

And this is only complicated because you do not use a media server but raw access.
Most proper servers like OpenSubsonic ones or Jellfin/Emby, Plex have APIs to access the playlists natively.