M3u playlists: native support, or bulk import/sync

Feature description:

Natively support m3u playlists, or provide an option to bulk import or sync m3u playlists to Symfonium.

Problem solved:

The need to spend ~10 minutes minutes manually importing dozens or 100+ playlists anytime the local m3u playlists change.

Brought benefits:

Anyone who mainly uses m3u playlists, has several of them, and syncs to their phone on a regular basis would really benefit from the ease-of-use this feature would bring.

Other application solutions:

Native support to read all m3u playlists (example: DoubleTwist), or the ability to bulk import several playlists.

Additional description and context:

Nothing else relevant here, but thanks for the great app and continuous improvements.

Screenshots / Mockup: