M3u playlist import how-to

Issue description:

Did someone figure out how the new m3u playlist in v6 beta 1 is supposed to work? The release notes mention a “three dots menu then import” - but I can’t find a menu containing the import entry anywhere.

What I tried:

  • add the m3u file to the root of my local device provider’s folder (then the relative paths should match)
  • rescan the local provider (taking considerably longer than without the m3u file)
  • open “library” tab on home screen, then “playlists”
  • hit the large “import” button to get a menu containing options like “offline first” / “read only” - the dialog has a horizontal separator at the button as if some controls are missing.

My m3u file does not show up, I can’t import anything :face_with_monocle:

Do I have to remove and re-add my local device provider?

Could *.m3u8 (for utf-8 format) work, too?


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You actually have to use file mode (and remember to re-add it to the UI if you did remove it) next to the playlist file the three dots menu contains “import”.

Only shows up for m3u files, not for m3u8 (do mark utf-8 files) though.

Well yes it’s in the text :stuck_out_tongue:

You can now import M3U/PLS playlists in file mode

Will enable m3u8 too. Now that you found maybe you have time to make a post in the tips section :wink:

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Turns out my path conversion was incomplete (thanks for the hint): Musicbee seems to use different casing for the same folder name, i.e. you’d have to make sure to do case-insensitive search and replace.

For beta 1 you’ll have to replace \ by / as well. Looking forward for an auto conversion here :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

(Cannot reproduce the slow sync using valid playlist files :wink:)

Works fine for small playlists, for longish list the lack of import progress makes it hard to see what’s happening.

Thanks for the help via e-mail!