Lyrics timing not respected

Issue description:

The miliseconds timing isn’t respected from Symfonium. This causes a massive desync on certain songs where the lyrics changes very fast. Jellyfin itself does respect the correcr timing which means that it switches to the next lyrics at the exact timing while Symfonium skips to the next line way too early


Upload description: debug_playserver

Additional information:



Reproduction steps:


  1. Start song
  2. Use lyrics

Media provider:




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They are respected, but Symfonium also add a small timing adjustment to take in account all the delays that occurs on some devices, as it’s better to be a little in advance than late.

With that said your logs are playing from an offline cached file, so I do not see the lyrics that Jellyfin did return

Please make a video and play song not from offline cache to see the data from Jellyfin and what the delay do on your device. (So provide logs corresponding to that video)

I did exacrly what you wanted and have the same issue. I uploaded the logs and a video with Symfonium and Jellyfin where you can see the difference pretty clearly

The logs does not contain the start of the media so I again can’t see the data Jellyfin send.

Please stop playback, enable logs, then play the song so I have all the data.

Else use to upload the song and the .lrc so I can reproduce.

I restarted the app and started the song again, I guess that worked for the logs

Edit: Forget the lrc Deleted

Yes it’s ok the data Jellyfin send is properly parsed, please also provide the songs so I can try to repro.

I guess the issue is in the calculation of the additional delay I add that is wrong.

uploaded them for you

Ok thanks, found the issue the delay is applied twice.

Will be fixed in next release.