Lyrics support with .lrc file in Jellyfin 10.9

Issue description:

Jellyfin released its new 10.9 version with a new “Lyrics API Endpoint” feature
(Add Lyrics API Endpoint by 1hitsong · Pull Request #8381 · jellyfin/jellyfin · GitHub)

Symfonium seems to already support reading lyrics .lrc files with the same song name, but I didn’t manage to make it work


Upload description: log updated within app menu with username “fab1” (fab is too short!)

Additional information:

I think it would be useful to clarify in a FAQ what Symfonium requires to display lyrics.

Moreover, do you plan to support the new Lyrics API Endpoint of Jellyfin?

Reproduction steps:


  • Jellyfin server is 10.9.1 and music library is sync both in server and app
  • in Symfonium, Play a song from Jellyfin with a matching .lrc file (same name & same folder) - there is no embedded lyrics and song is not cached in Symfonium
  • Symfonium should display an icon to display lyrics (or in the 3dot menu) but it’s not

Media provider:




This is already supported, but they changed the endpoint at the last minute.

Join beta on Play Store to have the version with the change.

Thanks for the quick answer.
It’s working with the BETA , but not for all songs (?)
Jellyfin bug?

I’ve sent the logs playing those 2 songs:

  • 02 - Last of the English Roses => Lyrics OK

  • 01 - The Suburbs => Lyrics not OK (no Lyrics displaying in 3 dots menu)

I’ve checked the .lrc files and sent them through “Secure file sharing” for checking but formatting seems OK.

--> [346] GET
<-- [346] 404 Not Found (87ms, unknown-length body)

Your server returns error 404 when requesting the lyrics.

Thanks for your answer. I do not understand why it’s “not found”.
I 've double checked in the folder

  • The .lrc file is next to the .mp3 file.
  • filenames are the same.

I’ve looked in Jellyfin logs, nothing special, but I’m not sure if this the place to look…

Lyrics are processed through the new Jellyfin Lyrics endpoint or through Symfonium?
is there a sort of fallback in Symfonium if Jellyfin Lyrics endpoint is buggy and Symfonium knows there is a .lrc file available?

I do not have control of what Jellyfin does nor have I access to the external lrc files.

Verify if the web interface shows the lyrics for that song or not (it will hopefully not) then report to Jellyfin.
Once it shows in the web interface it will probably work via the API too.

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