Lyrics Screen Contrast with Blur/Blurry Now Playing Background

Issue description:

Using “Blur/Blurry” as the extended now playing background will cause a bad contrast of song name & artist and system status bar in the lyrics screen if the cover art and theme are the opposite (i.e., light theme & dark cover or dark theme & light cover).

Please see the screenshots.


Upload description: lyrics_black_white

Additional information:

I uploaded the log via the app. Please let me know if you can’t find it.

Reproduction steps:


  1. Using a theme that has a light/dark mode
  2. Now playing screens → Expanded now playing → Background style → Blur/Blurry
  3. Turn the phone to light mode, then play a song with lyrics & dark cover
    Turn the phone to dark mode, then play a song with lyrics & light cover
  4. Open the lyrics screen with the option “Show song name and artist” on. The system status bar (top) has the same problem.

Media provider:

Any provider




Can you upload those songs to they look perfect for my test collection for those kind of issues?


Sure! I’ve uploaded the two dummy “songs” & lyrics.
The file name is “” and the description is the URL to this thread.

Thanks and this issue is actually already fixed in next release.

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