Lyrics not working with jellyfin

Issue description:

Cant get lyrics to work with my jellyfin server. Media files are .flac with they own .lcr file downloaded using onthespot.



Additional information:

Im new with jellyfin and symphonium so espect some begginer mistakes and dumb things

Empty log…

But in all cases Jellyfin do not support external LRC files. Best is to embed the lyrics via the many tools available.

True, but only for now. The next release of Jellyfin will support external lyrics. The PR has already been merged. Which is why I’m personally holding off on embedding the lyrics and instead wait for that release to come.

Seeing that the number of bugs vastly increase in Jellyfin I would not put too much hope in 10.9 to work properly.

Actually motivated myself to try again a nightly build and for once it worked properly on Windows.

Next version will support Jellyfin external lyrics with Jellyfin 10.9.