Lyrics incorrectly displayed

Issue description:

Hi, some lyrics aren’t displayed correctly (see Screenshots below). According to Mp3tag the problem seems to only occur if the lyrics tag has “eng||” in front of it. After setting the language comment to “XXX||” the lyrics are displayed correctly.




Since I wasn’t allowed to add them all here I uploaded them to ImgBB:

Please provide the non working files.

The issue is not about the start of the lyrics but the encoding in the file. Editing with Mp3tag probably fix the encoding. Try to put again eng at start and it will probably work.

So I need an untouched file to see if I can workaround the bad encoding.

Thanks yes will be fixed in next release, I made a mistake with BOM parsing for that specific case. I hate all the combination of UTF-X XX stuff :frowning:

Thank you for your fast help :smiley:
Edit: I deleted my comment above because I don’t know a different way of deleting the attached music file.