Lyric,bitrate and introduction of album

I hope this app can add function about

a)show lyric with LRC file.

b)show file’s bit rate (I saw the word about bit rate in weblate but not in my app ver0.9.9).

c)add introduction of album like emby.

BTW the cover and bio of artist is got from media source or search in web-database like musicbrainz?

a) No real plan if the provider does not directly provide it.
b) It’s shown when you select details on a song for from now playing.
No idea what c) is.

Data is get from the provider Symfonium just display it, it does not directly ask metadata sites for the data if the provider does not provide it

a) what if we provide these lyrics locally? Either through .lrc files or embedded tags (e.g. ) for synced and unsynced?

Symfonium does not directly scan tags, it can’t for all the remote providers.
Android does not support LYRICS via media store and Android 11+ breaks file access to files to easily find the lrc near the song. That would mean using SAF and asking the user to manually select each file one by one, mistakes and tons of support that I do not want to assume.