Loss of covers, in the last update

Issue description:

Good morning, I have updated the app. I have updated the library from 0. And the problem is that as soon as the library is updated, all the covers are seen, but after a few seconds some are lost. In the screenshots, the first two are the library recently updated and a minute or so after opening and closing the application, the cover has been lost.

Thank you so much.


debug.zip (3,4 MB)

Join files do not paste the content of the files here! Do not upload them to random website, zip files are allowed.
(They are mandatory, no need to ask if I need them or don’t assume they are not needed for your issue, they are needed.)


So you really on purpose edited your post to delete the part that explains that the logs are mandatory ?

Since you obviously can’t say you did not see or know can you explain why?
At what moment should I stop doing support if people on purpose makes me loose my time for nothing …

I guess it’s time to enforce the rule and close issues that do not respect the template as it’s probably the only thing that will work.

I have already attached the log, it is created from 0 until I attach the server, all the covers are seen and after a minute or so, some disappear. Thank you and I’m sorry to have bothered you.

Ok so Navidrome 0.49.x :frowning:

Uncheck the option Fetch additional metadata in the host when you add your host.

Hello, disabling that function, if the covers are maintained. For the time being, I leave it at that. Thanks a lot.