Long-press Now Playing album art to go to album

Feature description:

I’d like to be able to quickly go to the source album or artist by long pressing the album art on the now playing screen

Problem solved:

It is somewhat difficult to go to the album of currently playing, particularly when driving or otherwise unable to provide precise inputs

Brought benefits:

more seamless navigability of music the user is currently listening to :slight_smile:

Other application solutions:

im sure youve heard a lot about poweramp, though im not sure it does that - i just dont remember having this issue

Additional description and context:

i think it makes sense to allow the user to disconnrct the album art from the Play button functionality. personally i rarely have any reason to ever Stop the music, and instead just want to be easily explore or visit the context of what im listening to. i found it very jarring that long pressing the album art would stop my music and reset the playback

Screenshots / Mockup:


You are not supposed to use the app when driving.

And you can already click the album name or the artist to quickly go to where you want.

Long pressing the album art does not stop the queue so no idea why you’d say that. But one long press can 't go to album and the x artists of the song.

So that would require one more menu and so back to square one.

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im aware, it was just an example use case. not everyone has a smart car ¯_(ツ)_/¯ When driving I tend to use the app split-screen with a navigation app mounted on my dash.

clicking the album name is a pretty precise touch, just not my preference and not very convenient for me personally. i tend to misclick it even in normal usage, though in that scenario it’s nbd

it doesn’t stop the queue, it stops and resets only the song. sorry if the way I described that wasn’t clear.

I think it doesn’t have to be so complicated/thorough of a feature, just if I press on the song’s album art, it takes you to the album page. could be an option ofc if you don’t think it should be the default behavior. the mention of artists was more for others who might prefer an artist-centric UX, though album is what I’m personally hoping for. however, if you’re uninterested in implementing the feature I understand

Long press does not stop it just seek to start and double click fast forward 30.
There’s different gestures for the different view types that hide buttons.

As explained it would not work for artists and would barely be discoverable anyway. So yes sorry this is a too specific need, for something that you are not even supposed to do.