Long album titles disappear in Now Playing view

Issue description:

Album titles that are too long automatically disappear off-screen towards the right in Now Playing View, moves off-screen quicker when I tap play/pause.


debug-20230403_020056.zip (2.0 KB)

Video of the issue:


Hum that makes no sense, there’s no marquee on that one.

The logs does not show the album title. What it the full name? Do it fit the screen or not at all?

Have you played songs earlier in that session that have long name and had the marquee running?

Full album name is “Magia Record Final Season - Dawn of a Shallow Dream - Disc 2”

It does not fit on-screen, this is what it looks like when starting a song/session from the album, and moving onto next song in the same album.


What do you mean by marquee btw, is it a setting or something?

It’s when the title is too long and it scrolls but it’s only on the song title. No settings.

Was able to repro with a really long album name. Probably a nice Compose bug with ellipsis:(

Will try to workaround.

Well no workaround for now :frowning: Will disable ellipsis until Google fix that.