Logitech Media Server API Support


support for Logitech Media Server (former Squeezebox/slimserver) would be awesome. LMS is probably the oldest Music Server thats still around, is rocksolid, still supported by Logitech, and supports DLNA, ChromeCast and Airplay+Airplay2 in addition to the original Squeezeboxes…



So sorry no plans for that it’s not really that much used and is mostly targeted to a server / player / controller model that does not really fit how Symfonium work, so integration would be a pain.

Hello Tolriq,

Any chances to that LMS is coming to Symphonium? When I found your app and saw LMs in the subsonic menu, I was so excited but apparently it’s not Logitech media server but lightspeed rather something :sweat_smile: you say it’s not being used but I think it is…