Lock current queue to avoid accidentally playing something else

Feature description:

On the play track screen, or its menu, add a lock feature that will keep the current queue playing even if other songs are clicked.

Problem solved:

When, for example, organising playlists, it is very easy to start playing a song that is being dragged and dropped. With a lock queue feature, user can listen to a queue uninterrupted while reorganising their playlist.

Brought benefits:

More enjoyable playlist management.

Other application solutions:

User to be more careful when organising playlists, and swear when interrupting music play again.

Additional description and context:

I found no related feature request.

Example screens added as potential locations for a little “lock” icon?

Screenshots / Mockup:



Won’t add a lock that people will forget and complain they can’t edit.

But next release will prevent accidental clicks in now playing queue drag handle to reduce the risk and in playlists when editing their order.