Local files artist thumbnails backup

Feature description:

Before you blast me, I’ve search and found something similar but using LMS. I really would like to be able to backup all customized, handpicked artist images for my local library, it takes a long time to setup them properly.

Problem solved:

Eliminate the hassle of redo a hard job of re-applying all hundred of custom images in case of app reinstall, factory reset or device replacement.

Brought benefits:

Safety to beloved customized data.

Other application solutions:

Apps like Poweramp and Retro include artist images on their backup files.

Additional description and context:

You could make like the mentioned above apps include artist images on backup file or at least make the files in a user accessible directory, user friendly name pattern, so we could use third party solutions like FolderSync, to execute backups.

Screenshots / Mockup:


Well this is still a perfect duplicate you just changed the order of the words in the title.

Except there’s no solution because there’s not a LMS user.

It’s not closed, the general solution is known, it’s just a global issue about being able to match provider data on restore.

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