[Local Device Provider]: Immediately show all options

Feature description:

When adding a new Local Device Provider the wizard announces additional settings to be available after the provider has been added. That’s bad because adding the provider will immediately trigger a sync using expensive default options like looking for external images or lyrics.

Problem solved:

To add a Local Device Provider I’d have to add a small sub-folder first, wait for the sync to complete, then change all settings and add the “real” folder I’d like to sync.

Brought benefits:

Only one sync required to import the whole library using the correct settings.

Other application solutions:

Not really aware of other solutions. But I guess you always can change all settings before starting a sync.

Additional description and context:

I had other problems with the local device provider requiring it to remove the provider and re-add it afterwards. So for me it was not like a “but you only add the provider once” thing.

This is done on purpose, because the screen is already complex and users are afraid of complex things and too many settings.
This screen needs to stay simple and have working default for 90% of the users this is the case currently AFAIK.

From 11 years of Yatse support for millions users, first setup needs to be simple to not loose a large amount of users before even them trying the app.

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