Local Device music not available offline

Issue description:

My media is all local to the phone, but when I select “Media available offline” (or when the phone goes offline or into airplane mode) all my music disappears.


Upload description: dirk-bergstrom-offline-bug

Additional information:



Reproduction steps:


  • Have a Local device media source
  • Click the “Media available offline” toggle in “Source filter”
  • See all media disappear

Media provider:

Local device



I’m not the developer, but I may know what you are seeing. In particular, to the left of the text “Local Device”, do you see a symbol that looks like an eye with diagonal line across it? If yes, then you are just hiding all media from that source. Repressing the text “Local Device” should make your media reappear. If you want Symfonium to sync to your local device, you have to specifically press the “Sync” button.

Maybe this isn’t what you are talking about, in which case I’ll leave it to the developer to respond.

Update to beta 2 and sync.

Fixed. Thanks for the fast turnaround.