Local device media provider custom tag parser

My collection was originally organized using Media Monkey on Windows, and I guess it added multiple genres using semicolons as a separator. I have a lot of files like this, and some apps handle it OK, but Sym sees the whole list as the single genre. So, I have genres such as “rock;rock blues;blues” perhaps, and none of the individual tags are recognized. This makes it not so useful when creating smart playlists.

So far, I have not found a solution. If I missed it, I apologize. I also don’t see an easy way to change it if necessary (I’m a Linux user so can’t use mp3tag if that will do anything).

I read up a bit on this, and it’s evidently a problem. The newest spec is to use nulls as a separator, but that has problems of not only being hard to deal with, but many other apps that don’t recognize them will probably not read any of it.

Ideally, apps would have an option for separators, and the user could choose what to use.

Does Symfonium have any ability to handle this, or plans for the future?

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You forget to tell from what Media Provider.

Symfonium currently rely on the media provider to provide the proper data, most providers properly support multiple genre and / or have the settings to do the split based on this very old tag way.

If you are talking about Android media provider, then currently there’s no way to handle this as the app rely on Android to provide it’s data.

Seeing that it’s a recurrent request I’ll probably add a new Android provider that will parse the tags, and in that for the older tag version that does not support multiple values, there will be split character selection.

Thanks, Tolriq,
I’m sorry I was incomplete - I was doing a quick evaluation to make sure I wanted to go further with the app, so I was only using my local data on my phone, which has a lot of music on it. There, when I tried to use a genre filter, I was not even able to read many of the genres due to being truncated (any way to get a more compact list?). Normally, if I’m creating a playlist, I’d probably just use “contains”, and it works out fine anyway.

But I saw the price of the app was only a few dollars, so I went ahead and bought it anyway. Then, I decided to go further and tried it with my Plex server. With the setup I have in Plex, I see that there are only a small number of the basic genres, which is usually OK with me.

Then I installed navidrome on my local PC, which has the same music as my Plex server. Using that, the genres look to be all fine, so I guess navidrome must separate the multiples, although I haven’t looked closely enough to know it’s not just ignoring all but the first one.

So, I guess this topic is finished.

Perhaps I should use if for a while now before making more posts. But is there a place to ask general, simple questions that are not bugs or feature requests, besides other forums like Reddit? I’m thinking about “Can I do this thing”, or “How can I do this task”, etc. I probably would not want to fill out the entire support template for something like that.

Can you post a screenshot of the truncated genres ?

For the questions the support forum is ok and template is not always necessary.
This is just a way to try to reduce me asking every day for the users to give details and logs. It’s exhausting :slight_smile:

Even with only one category and a template still 50% that fails.

Here’s an example from the Genres page, using Navidrome. It’s much worse if using the Android files. I can make the font size smaller, but some of the names are always truncated, like those starting with “Contemporary …”.

I hope this screenshot comes out OK.


Ho that page, just click the 4 square icon on the top right and change the display mode.

Now I feel like a dummy. I looked for such a setting, but either I totally missed it, or it was another page of genres and I misremembered. Anyway, thanks for pointing it out - I much prefer the list for most things like this.

Ignore this… I just remembered seeing the “sync” button early on, and used it to fix this problem…
I’m still going crazy trying to fix the “missing genres” list. I’ll probably need to submit a support request with logs, because I’ve made sure the genre tags are present for v1 and v2 tags, and opening the album in Navidrome’s web page shows the genre both in the filters and the page for the album, but I’ve restarted Navidrome, the computer, deleted cache for Symphonium, restarted it, even restarted the phone, but it still says it’s missing the genre.