Local device (Files - SAF) provider can't handle multiple artists

Issue description:

I try to import an album containing two tracks with multiple artists. All tracks contain Musicbrainz IDs, for artist as well as album artist. Multiple Artists are separated by a slash and blanks, e.g. A / B and A / C

After scanning the artist and album artists views in Symfonium are broken. Album Artists is empty. I’d expect “A” listed here. Artists contains three entries: A, B and C. Each of then containing only ONE song. All songs performed only by A are missing. I’d expect all songs listed for A, one song listed for B and C.

The “All Albums” view is totally fine, though. It does list the album containing all tracks. Tracks with multiple artists appear as “A, B” and “A, C”

P.S. If I add more albums by “A” the artist view stays broken and still only lists one track :frowning:


debug-20230226_153730.zip (9.8 KB)

Additional information:

Symfonium v4.1.1 (900)

@Snaptags Can you send me those 2 tracks in PM. There’s probably some mix up in the splitting of the MB ids.

Fixed in next release.

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to avoid these problems, I always leave only one in the tags - the main artist who owns the album. so less mess. Thank you

This is fully supported in Symfonium custom parser, he just had a bad case of mixing single field with separator with multi fields for the sort artists.

This edge case will also work. No reason to not embrace multi artists :slight_smile:

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