Local DB Album Art mismatch

Issue description:

Beta 7.1.0a
Found a song (only because we had it up on Android Auto) that has a different artist than it should.

I deleted the song locally on my device.
DB Sync
Re-added song
DB Sync
Same results

Song shows as it should on my PC using MediaMonkey


Upload description: telrod11

Additional information:

 Art looks fine on my PC with MediaMonkey. (I never really look at the art, just happened to see thsi on Android Auto.) 

Reproduction steps:

 Sync DB
Delete Song
Sync DB
Re- Add Song
Sync DB
I then changed the album art on my PC, and did a file upload, then Symfonium sync, same issue
(Logs sent ~ 0700 EST - I kept getting a network error on the forum this morning, so I’m late posting) 

Media provider:

Local device




If you change artwork in tags you need to clear image cache for it to update. (Either full clear or 3 dots remove cached image)

I saw that and did that, stopping the app, and got the same.

I then force stopped the app, and restarted - same

I am doing my best to fix this on my own.

I even removed the song from my device. Resynced

Modified the artwork on my PC

Uploaded it again, and resynced


I’ll be happy to try anything else you think might work.

And, I really don’t pay much attention to it anyway, so no big deal, just wanted to report it.


Upload the file, there’s maybe multiple thumbnails in it and it take the wrong one. (Do it before touching again :p)

Here you go. I’m sure that’s probably it

Should use the upload site :wink:

No the image is ok, seems there’s some issue with the cache on your device :frowning:
You can try to rename the file so that the cache is not reused.

Ok, will try that.

Thanks, I’ll report back.

Happy New Year!

Well, I may have to reinstall to fix my device issue.

I renamed it, refreshed, no change

I removed it (moved it to another internal file location not being monitored) - refreshed, no change

If there isn’t anything in the logs that jumps out, just close this. It really isn’t a big deal.

I still can’t backup my playlists yet, right? :grinning:

Logs don’t show image content :slight_smile:

And no playlist backup yet no :frowning:

But no I need to understand what is happening.

Are you sure it’s the same file and not a copy elsewhere?

It is the same file as I sent you.

I have the library restricted to one folder (and it’s subfolders) on the SDCard.

Is there a way to reset all the metadata?

So, after a couple more deletions, syncing, etc, now it has taken another album cover…

This is just weird.

The tags can be reset in the provider with the reset tag button but it does not impact images.
Image cache is the clear image cache in the settings.

I have absolutely no idea how it can take another image, even with an hash clash it would always take the same other one.

I’m going to delete he song, and make some significant changes on my desktop, then see what happens with it.

Just for grins and giggles, I have pulled it up ona couple of other player apps and it does show the correct artwork.

And I have the correct image here too :wink:

I don’t know what you did to reach that state so it’s hard to eventually fix the cache issue that is occuring.

If you have a another phone without a problem to clear the app data and playlists you can easily test and see it will work.

Apparently a fluke on my end.

I deleted the file on the device, rebooted a couple of times, cleared the cache on SymFonium, and then edited the file, shortening the file itself, and adding new lyrics, and new art, and now it is fine.

Have no idea what might have happened. I will try and keep an eye on future art, just to see if there is anything else that pops up.