Local Data Sync Across Devices

Feature description:

Auto-Sync Playlists, Favorites, EQ Profiles, Settings, and Media providers across devices.
(similar to the backup & restore, but done automatically every now and then).

Level 1:
It could be implemented by local device discovery using mDNS or something similar, and after a pairing setup to keep data secured and personal, syncing is done automatically as a background task.

Level 2:
Maybe compatible with the prior idea, but implementing a middleman via a hosted service, pairing with auth stored on server, which could mean syncing across networks.
(It could also be self-hosted, I’d be happy to help develop this)

Level 3:
Separate feature.
If either of the prior are implemented maybe even controlling each other’s playback could be possible with a separate, but related feature.

Problem solved:

Having multiple devices with Symfonium installed and using them to listen to music is really nice, until setting up multiple playlists, loved tracks etc. Which requires manual backup and restore across multiple devices on each change.

Having this feature would eliminate the manual work aside from the initial setup.

Brought benefits:

Mainly ease and convenience of use, consistency across devices.

Other application solutions:

Services like spotify or youtube music have this (as a baked-in thing because of their centralized nature)


Additional description and context:

It could look very similar to the cast button, only visible if properly configured to avoid cluttering, and optionally always present

The last thing to sort may be local library sync, which would be the most impacted, but as of now I have found software like SyncThing more than capable of handling that task from or to an SD Card or device storage.
Which makes this actually possible at basically 100% of the library if I’m not mistaken.

Screenshots / Mockup:


Well this is exactly the role of the many supported media providers :slight_smile:

Just use a supported server that will handle this like LMS, Navidrome, Plex, Emby, Jellyfin …