Load times are slow on Navidrome, despite other players working fine

Issue description:

I recently recreated my navidrome server with docker, and everything went smoothly except for this new issue with symfonium.

Both the web interface for navidrome and other 3rd party apps such as subtracks take about 1 second to start playing a song, but symfonium usually takes about 15-20. This happens between two different phones and all of my attempts to troubleshoot have failed so far.

I have a domain which I use for navidrome, and I’ve tried using synfonium with it through http and https with no difference. I also tried using the server’s port with my public ip and got the same slowness.


debug-20230917_170734.zip (14.1 KB)


Additional information:

So yes as supposed FFProbe takes ages on your media for unknown reason.

Can you provide me an access to your server for test or the files to see if they have something special?

You can disable the transcoding engine in the settings to remove that step.

Well I guess we’ll never know :slight_smile:

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