List tracks under Artists so can queue easily

Feature description:

Library→ Genres
Choose a Genre, such as “Rock”
Click on Artists

Each artist is listed, but cannot see the list of songs under each artist

Feature request: List songs under each artist in display, so user can queue easily

Problem solved:

Right now, must open each artist to see list of songs. This is very inefficient.

On the desktop, software such as MusicBee enables you Artist and Title simultaneously since there is so much more desktop real estate.

Brought benefits:

Many users organize songs by Genre and then by Artist

When choosing songs for a playlist it would be great to be able to quickly choose songs from one screen

I don’t think any other android app allows you to do this…so this would be unique to Symfonium if implemented

Other application solutions:

Screenshot of Music Bee on a list that displays songs that are under the Genre “Rock”

Additional description and context:



Screenshots / Mockup:



Just press track and sort by artist ? Change settings to directly go to track ?

Everything is already here.

Hello Tolriq

Thank you for your quick reply.

When I press track and look at sort options, cannot sort by artist. See screenshots.

Also, am not sure what you mean when you say “change settings to directly go to track”…you are super familiar with the app…I cannot find this in settings?

Also, I am stunned by how good your app is.

I sincerely hope you find a way to get rewarded for this, either directly or indirectly, by capturing the attention of the music industry!

Settings/Interface/Navigation/ Skip genre details page to select song directly.

And yes seems the display artist sort is missing, was sure it was there. Will be present in next release.

For the rest well this is Android and a paid app, will never be famous :slight_smile: