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Issue description:


Couple of days ago I uploaded a debug log from the app under pterodaktyl1122 identifier.

App works fantastically until couple of days ago it stopped finding all the albums during refresh from media provider (subsonic). It finds just a fraction ~10% of all the albums available, scans files, gathers metadata, shows for a brief moment something about media provider being offline and the sync ends.

Thanks for any assistance on this



Upload description: pterodaktyl1122

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Reproduction steps:


  1. From the main window I enter filters
  2. I select my media provider and click “refresh”.
  3. Progress bar shows up saying: “0 arists, 112 albums, …” and then file scanning beggins.
  4. When it reaches ~12k of tracks, a brief message is shown saying something like: “media provider is offline” and sync ends.

Media provider:




There’s only 1 log with that name it does not show any error and the 1942 songs returned by the server are present.

With that said you have enabled Compatibility mode and you should not for Navidrome.

Thank you for the prompt response.
There was a problem with Navidrome rather than Symfonium.
Thanks for your help!