Liked tracks sync inconsistency

Issue description:

Apparently the app is having some trouble with syncing info about liked tracks through Subsonic, like sometimes it sends the data about it but more often than not it does not and so those kinda desync between the server and the app.

Logs: (3,7 МБ)


Server-side state, According to the client RPM should be set as liked.

Additional information:

Server running Funkwhale 1.2.9 as of right now.

For the record since Symfonium is offline first, the sending to the server is queued and repeated until the server answers OK. So it can’t miss sending them.

What I see in the logs is that Funkwhale does not support favouriting Artists or Albums and fails on the queries.

So either the server did accept the command and there’s a bug on their side (Would not be the first time ;)) or your favourite action queue is so large that it’s not present in the logs and will only occurs later when all the artists / albums have finished failing.

I’ll add some workaround for funkwale (one more) to not retry indefinitely to toggle artist / albums favourite status since it can’t work.

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