License Verification Failing

Issue description:

Booting the app like normal on wifi has given the license is currently missing or reported as invalid. I have sent logs through the app. my google play transaction id is GPA.3316-5327-7582-61142


Upload description: The App offered to send logs after retry fails.

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Any provider



Please enable logs, force kill the app, restart press restore license and upload new logs.

Those only says that it’s not connected to Play Store but not the reason that was logged before.

The error didn’t pop up again after a force close, but I have sent new logs anyways.

There’s still some issues in those logs and it will come back :frowning:

Is your phone up to date and Play Store up to date? And be sure to not use any tool like lucky patcher.

As far as I know, everything is update to date. And I do not have lucky patcher or any similar apps.

Then I’ll need new logs with 10.1 if this happen again.