Library shortcut Home navigation still problematic

Issue description:

  1. Press Library in home page shortcuts, it goes to Library as expected
  2. Right away press Library at the bottom
  3. Press Home → it does not go Home, it stays in Library
  4. Press Playlists at the bottom → it goes to Playlists as expected
  5. Press Home → it does not go Home, it goes to Library instead


Upload description: Symtse-library

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Any provider



This is normal you do not understand the concept of the tabs.

Each tab have it’s own navigation, clicking the library button navigate to the library view inside the home page. It does not magically change you to another tab that might not even be present in your config.

And each tab state is saved, so if you hare in library view in home tab it will stay there until you navigate to somewhere else in that tab.

If I press twice on the Home button then it takes me to the Home page and out of the Library. Maybe it works as intended, but I find it confusing, to me the home button should take me to the default home view no matter what (like the Home button in a web browser).

Edit: I see it’s consistent with all other shortcuts. Not sure whether you can add an option “Home always takes you to the default home view”. Otherwise I’ll have to get used to hitting Home twice.

This is not an home button, this is an home tab that act as all other tabs.

You navigate down in a tab, pressing the same tab again scrolls to top if you are scrolled down, and a second click reset the tab to it’s original location.

This works like that in well 99,99% of the apps with tabs.