Library Albums Sort Order Stuck

Issue description:

Symfonium v7.1.0a; one Navidrome instance attached.

A bug had persisted since at least the last version where the album “Sort by” option has been stuck on “Display artist, Year”. Selecting any other option including that one simply reverses the sort order. My logs are me navigating to the album page in the library tab, clicking on “Title” and seeing “Display artist, Year” be selected instead.

I am not sure how to reproduce the issue, It showed up a while ago and hasn’t gone away. I waited for a new version before posting this issue so it’s been around for few weeks.


I have uploaded the logs and related files.
Upload description: “qouesm stuck sort order” (or something phrased like that)


Here is a screen recording of this issue:

Additional information:

The sort bug is not present on other tabs. I tested “Artist”, “Songs”, and “Internet Radios”.

This seems to have been marked as fixed but the issue persists. Is this fix coming in the next release? I’m willing to provide as much info as you need. The log upload was a little confusing.

Yes I’m not allowed to push magic fix on your phone without pushing updates on Play Store.

I know you get a lot of dumb people on these support threads and elsewhere; yes obviously you haven’t pushed a new version yet but it was not communicated that “This will be in the next release” which was my cause for concern. Thank you for taking a look and fixing this bug.

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