Last song in playlist won't increment and leave

Issue description:

Using smart playlist and “play count” as criteria. The logs submitted show on 30 sec song with a play count of 3, that when played, will remain with a play count of 3.


Upload description: Telrod11

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Reproduction steps:

I don’t believe it’s song related, but I can upload it if you need to see it.

Media provider:

Local device



You change the values to consider a media played and face rounding issues here due to small song.

I’m not sure how I’d actually fix this.

In further tests, and if I have more than one song, all small (think ringtones), it will play them all, but it fails to increment the last song, no matter which it might be.

Not to be argumentative, but why would it get all but the last song?

I can send up a video of the behavior if needed.

Because you use the multiple media queues and so the last stop does not stop like it do in all other cases.

I’ll see if I can avoid this rounding error for that special case.

Ok, thanks as always.

I appreciate all you do for us, I know we are a very needy crew.


OK, tested 9.1.0B1 this morning, and songs with roughly 30 sec of play length or more work, and increment up, but shorter (2-3 sec) ringtones will not up the play count.

Something has changed in the algorithm, as I didn’t have this issue when I first started with SF back in December.

I have 139 items in the Ringtone genre, and as I just set it to play, and watch, it isn’t incrementing the play count on most all the songs.

As I said, this used to work fine. I’ll create a debug log and let you see it.

Played through all 139 in debug. Log shared as telrod11 - Ringtones

Here’s a video snippet of the activity. Appears longer songs work, but the shorter ones don’t. (Well, I can’t upload the video, it’s only 8mb, I can share it another way if you want to see it)

Here’s the video:

Arf again those ringtones playcount that only you on earth care about …

I’ll see what I can do.

Bless you my son…


Just curious what you will call this fix in the change log when you get around to it?

No I don’t write fix of bugs specific to between beta release as it’s irrelevant for most users.

Understood. Should I revisit this thread with each beta to report if it is fixed, or, what would be your preference?

Just uploaded a debug log “telrod11”, with the last song in a smart playlist " Play Count =0, and the last song with a length of 5.28 doesn’t increment and leave that playlist either.

Thanks, and sorry…

You did get this fixed with 10.0.0 B2