Last Played sync back to server

Rather a question than a support request, does Symfonium support sending play statistics back to jellyfin if it is used as provider?
If yes, could you give me a hint on where the setting for that could be?
If no, I would maybe open a feature request in the forum for that one.


It does and it’s automatic without an option :wink:

And as is should be I can now also see that working… Easy +1 to solved tickets at least :wink:
(can see it in the activity screen as well as in last played)
Thanks for the fast answer which made me check more thoroughly!

Oh what I think it was is, that I can only see fully played songs in last played on Jellyfin, but Symfonium also shows me ones that I have skipped at like 85%, so that’s what might have confused me here, but that’s more than fine for me.

Yes Symfonium support resume points for audio and audio books, so update the last played too to be able to easily restore positions.

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